Clear Skin Remedies

Herbal drugs are widely used in the treatment and prevention of various ailments. They are the most effective since they have little or no side effects on the body.

The following are the different natural remedies for clear skin.


It is a natural herb whose origin can be traced back to MintWestern Asia and the Mediterranean. The herb contains menthol that gives it the natural cooling and cleansing effect. You are supposed to apply the mint’s juice over your face on a daily basis before sleeping. This will help in treating all the facial pimples. It can also be used in soothing your body.

For this application, mint is mixed with warm water and then applied all over the body. Weekly use of the mint face pack is also very useful in the treatment of insect stings, scabies, skin infections, and eczema.


Most people are not aware of the papaya properties on the skin. This fruit has the enzyme papain that has wound healing abilities and excellent antibacterial properties. It is widely used for facial application, in wound care and reduction of the brown spots on your skin which are mainly caused by exposure to sunlight.


This is one of the ancient Indian herbs. It is highly regarded as sacred in India because of its many benefits. Up to date the Indian grooms and brides still apply turmeric on their skin to look more beautiful. Turmeric also helps in the lightening of skin blemishes and pigmentation.


Walnut is a beautiful skin care ingredient which is widely used in the cosmetic industry. It was also used traditionally in China for the preparation of kidney tonics. Its powder helps to exfoliate the dead skin tissues as well as removing any impurities on the skin.

Rice flour

It used in the treatment of skin blemishes, pigmentation, and wrinkles. The flour is mixed with yogurt to improve its performance. You can then apply this mixture on your skin and then rinse with water after some time. It is an excellent remedy for clearing up the skin.


This citrus fruit is the most valuable beauty aid that you can have. It contains cleansing enzymes which remove the dead skin cells thus providing the most economical clear skin remedy. It has great astringent properties which make it become a natural skin cleanser.


Cucumber is known for its nourishing, hydrating and astringent properties. It has the same pH with the skin which enables it in restoring the skin’s acid mantle naturally. The herb also helps in offering a soothing relief for both itching and sunburns.