Common causes of pluffy eyes

Waking up only to find your eyelids swollen can be devastating. However, puffy eyes happen to be a common occurrence that can be linked to different things. This could be environmental causes or even some health issues. Eyes are one of those body organs that are very sensitive, and so is the skin around them. As such, puffy eyes are a reaction to some problem that needs to be addressed. Here are some reasons you might be struggling with puffy eyes.

Inadequate or poor sleepwoman's face

Poor sleeping patterns can lead to puffy eyes. This applies in particular if one is stressed. Ideally, lack of adequate sleep caused by stress often leads to some imbalance in body salts. When this imbalance gets to your eyes, your eyelids or the skin around it retains water leading to inflammation of the eye.


Most people respond to allergens differently. As such, allergic individuals are prone to having swollen eyes when they suffer from allergic reactions. Ideally, the body reacts to an allergic reaction by producing a chemical known as histamine into your body. Histamine is responsible most body inflammation, which includes inflammation around your eyes.


What do you take in? In some instances, you will realize that eating certain foods leaves you with swollen eyes. It is not about the nutritional composition but the amount of salt in these foods. Salt contain sodium, which is responsible for bloating and retaining body fluids. Thus, if you think salt might be responsible for your condition, try cutting the amounts of sodium uptake. Stay away from canned foods since most of them rely on salt to preserve these foods.

Taking alcohol

This does not apply to most people. However, taking too much alcohol often leads to puffy eyes. Taking too much alcohol often leaves one feeling dehydrated. As such, being dehydrated often leads to puffiness around your eyes.

Using a heater

heater toolDuring the cold winters, you can never imagine staying indoors with your central heating system on. However, using a heater has observed to cause puffiness around the eyes. But how? A heater causes dehydration, particularly around your eyes. This makes your eyes to thicken and become inflamed.

Getting rid of puffy eyes

If you are yet to find a solution to your condition, avoiding the causative agents is one way of dealing with puffy eyes. Alternatively, turn to home remedies like using 4 simple essential oil recipes. Puffy can be controlled, only if you know how to go about it.