Is body wash beneficial to use for body acne?


Body acne can be uncomfortable, hard to eliminate, and embarrassing. They are caused by the same bacteria, hormones, and plugged pores that cause facial acne. There are different cosmetic, herbal, and medical treatments that can assist you to eliminate them. While some are effective, others are not; hence let see if body washes are really beneficial to use for body acne.

Medical Body Wash

The best line of treatment for body acne is using benzoyl peroxide body wash.This is because body washes are not only gentle on your skin but also able to treat your skin evenly – unlike other acne creams, which are difficult to apply evenly to sections such as your back (treating some areas while leaving others and even over-treating some parts, resulting in irritation).

facial creamA body wash, such as a salicylic body wash can really help eliminate body acne. If this doesn’t help, you should visit your dermatologist who may recommend you a stronger body wash. However, medicated washes should only be used in problematic parts as they can really dry the skin.

Skin Health (Unplug Pores)

The majority of body washes are made to improve and cleanse the condition of a skin over time. Some have vitamin E as well as other nutrients that are useful to your body. Many also boast of moisturizers – thus, less drying than bar soaps. They can aid infuse essential oils and water into your skin, which aids protect it against various elements; especially during cold weather.

The following ingredients will ensure that your body wash has a moisturizer:

  • · Petrolatum
  • · Glycerin
  • · Mineral oil
  • · Shea Butter
  • · Aloe Vera
  • · Soybean oil
  • · Olive oil
  • · Jojoba oil
  • · Almond oil

Body washes are also less abrasive than an ordinary bar soap and thus give a better clean from your head to your toe with less chance of irritation or redness.

Antibacterial Protection

woman applying facial creamAntibacterial body washes are effective at killing germs, and cleaning excess oil, dirt, sweat, makeup, and oil from your skin. They even continue to protect your body hours after washing to aid the fight against acne and other infections. They also help reduce body odor that occurs when germs multiply on your body.

Many individuals love body washes because they are so easy to use. You only need to squeeze the right amount of wash onto your body sponge, pouf, and then form a rich, healthy lather for treating acne. Then you wash as you do with a normal bar soap.