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Choosing A Location For A Flag Pole

Choosing A Location For A Flag Pole

Having a flag fly high not only gives a sense of patriotism but impacts positively on image and goodwill. The benefits that come with it are numerous, and every business, organization, or even homeowner should take advantage of it. For maximum impact, you should place your flag poles in a strategic location. Deciding on the location requires you to make many considerations. Some of the main factors to check are highlighted below.

Main factors to consider


The height of the flagpole may influence the location choice. In a american flag near seamajority of cases, it would be preferred that the flag does not tower the building next to it if mounted on the ground. If the height of the pole is taller than the building, mounting it further away from the building reduces the towering effect. It should, however, not be so far as not to be associated with the building. The pole height will, therefore, be a major determinant in getting the perfect location for the flag.

Sigh lines

The pole location should not interfere with the desired lines of sight. The flag should integrate well with the overall plan of the landscape, making it feel natural. For example, the flagpole should not block the signage in front of the building such as the company name. It can instead be placed strategically to attract attention to that name. Keep future development in mind when choosing the location based on sightlines, such as the growth of trees.


american flags in flag poleLocation of utilities may also affect flag locations. Ensure that the site you choose is not close to or directly under overhead phone, power, or cable lines. Typically, there should be a clearance of more than ten feet from the overhead lines when the flag is fully extended. You should also not place the flagpole directly on top of underground lines. Ensure that you check with all the relevant bodies to determine whether your chosen location meets all the set standards in terms of clearance from the utilities. Keep in mind that each property may be treated uniquely based on some factors such as proximity to the airport.


Flags are usually at their best when the wind is blowing, and they are flying high. When deciding on a location for the pole, opt for a place that is likely to experience the maximum breeze. This means that the further away it is from wind blockers such as high trees, the better.…